CLEA Lower Chamber Elections Archive

The lower chamber dataset currently includes around 1,900 elections from 163 countries and territories . Future releases are being planned that will include more countries and additional elections.

Errata and Data Inconsistencies  

Full list of updates and error corrections to CLEA Lower Chamber data.

Discrepancies in official sources that could not be resolved.

Subsetting Tool

Looking for a specific country or set of years? For a select number of elections try our online subsetting tool

  Preferential Vote Counts Dataset    9MB

Supplemental file containing preferential vote counts for Australia, Estonia (1992), Ireland, Malta and Nauru, along with all other CLEA variables.

  Indirect Elections Dataset    1MB

Supplemental file containing the number of electors, and electors won by party for indirect elections, along with all other CLEA variables. Currently, this applies only to Norway (1822-1903) and Sweden (1866-1908).

  Latvian Ordinal Ballot Vote Counts Dataset    2MB

Supplemental file containing the plus/minus ordinal ballot vote counts for Latvia, along with all other CLEA variables.