For complete variable descriptions, please download the codebook under Data & Documentation.

Variable Name Description
RELEASE Dataset release number
ID Election Identifier
RG Region
CTR_N Country Name
CTR Country Code
YR Election Year
MN Election Month
SUB Sub-National Geographical Unit
CST_N Constituency Name
CST Constituency Code
MAG District Magnitude
PTY_N Party Name
PTY Party Code
CAN Candidate Name
PEV1 Number Of Eligible Voters (First Round)
VOT1 Votes Cast (First Round)
VV1 Valid Votes (First Round)
IVV1 Invalid Votes (First Round)
TO1 Turnout (First Round)
CV1 Candidate Votes (First Round)
CVS1 Candidate Vote Share (First Round)
PV1 Party Votes (First Round)
PVS1 Party Vote Share (First Round)
PEV2 Number Of Eligible Voters (Second Round)
VOT2 Votes Cast (Second Round)
VV2 Valid Votes (Second Round)
IVV2 Invalid Votes (Second Round)
TO2 Turnout (Second Round)
CV2 Candidate Votes (Second Round)
CVS2 Candidate Vote Share (Second Round)
PV2 Party Votes (Second Round)
PVS2 Party Vote Share (Second Round)
SEAT Seats Won
ELEC Number Of Electors (Indirect Election)
EV Electors Won By Party (Indirect Election) [Lower Chamber]
COUNT2-COUNT37 Preferential Vote Counts [Lower Chamber]
PLUS/MINUS Positive/Negative Candidate Votes (Latvia) [Lower Chamber]