The CLEA leadership is grateful to the following individuals for contributing data and expertise to the project:

Manuel Álvarez-Rivera
Nir Atmor
Adam Carr
Charles Doriean
Cengiz Erisen
Federico Ferrara
Brian Gaines
Judy Geist
Marcelo Leiras
Arend Lijphart
Jose Manuel Magallanes
Scott Morgenstern
Jairo Nicolau
Daniel Posner
Steven Reed
Anthony Sayers
Valentin Schröder
Jae-Jae Spoon
Matt Singer
Heather Stoll
Yen-Pin Su
Jan Teorell
Jack Vowles
Gilles Verniers
Ching-Hsing Yu
CLEA also thanks the following archives, government ministries, and institutions for contributing data to the project:

  • Political Transformation in Post-Communist Europe
  • INFOgob

This project would not be possible without the assistance of graduate and undergraduate students. We would especially like to thank:

Megan Bilbao
Anna Cotter
Beatrice Eugster
Samantha Goldstein
Josue Gomez (UIC SROP ‘12)
Jacob Graznow
Sang-Jung Han
Sana Jaffrey
Michaek Keller
Su-Hyun Lee
Etienne Mashuli (UIC SROP ’12)
Ethan Miles
Erica Mirabitur
Sandra Nwogu
Ethan Miles
Patrick O’Mahen
Rachel Augustine Potter
Oliver Strijbis
Fabricio Vasselai
Ashish Venumuddula
Manish Venumuddula
Sasha de Vogel